Pat Collier, Red River Research Station last Monday, and he

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canada goose clearance Nose to tail. It’s been on the fringes of the fashionable foodie scene for a decade now. And what does it mean in practice? As a farmer, who grows and rears and kills his own food, it makes a lot of sense. With its trademark humor, irreverence and originality, The Second City, in a creative collaboration with CTG, is taking the classic Charles Dickens’ Christmas tale and giving it a hearty twist. In addition to Scrooge (played by Ron West), the ever morphing ensemble will bring the famous Victorian streets to frenzied life with Tiny Tim, that fat, plucked goose, all those know it all ghosts, a host of anachronistic characters and hilarious improvs which will have Dickens guffawing in his grave. The cast will be joined by an ever changing stable of starry, drop in special guests canada goose clearance.


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