“I like to dress up in characters that you can’t be

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canada goose official website I’ve been thinking about bystander intervention lately in the context of the presidential race. As the president of a nonprofit university, I am advised by legal counsel that I should not take public positions in elections. I know this makes a lot of sense, and over the 15 years or so that I’ve been a college president, I have encouraged electoral participation without being overt about where I stand in regard to any particular candidate.. canada goose official website

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canada goose Carmelo Gonzalez and Jennifer Ly become characters from “The Legend of Zelda” when they attend gaming and cosplay events. “I like to dress up in characters that you can’t be,” said Gonzalez, a 26 year old psychology graduate student at Lamar University. “When I wear this, I feel kind of strong and powerful.” Ly, a 26 year old receptionist at a doctor’s office, said she loves the art behind cosplay, as she sews her own costumes. canada goose

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